“ANYTHING for Selenas!” – September 2nd at Delridge Park


Friday, September 2nd, 2016 | 5:30pm-11pm | Screening at Delridge Park

Reel Grrls is excited to announce with the support of the City of Seattle’s Office of Arts and Culture   Arts In The Parks grant we are able to host a LatinX Movie Night featuring the classic biopic tribute Selena, work by youth participating in Reel Grrls summer programs, and local film Every Row A Path, a collaboration with Reel Grrls and local filmmaker Jill Friedberg, about 5 young migrant women set out to document their lives.  They wanted to educate others about the challenges of being young, female, and migrant in Washington State’s Skagit Valley.

Roll through with your homies, hunnies, or familia  on September 2, 2016 at Delridge Park. This night is para tod@s.  There will be community activities including a Reel Grrls youth-produced film-screening, Selena Look-A-Like Contest, arte, and refrescos provided by The Station.  Sunset is set for 7:47pm that evening.


Screenshot of Skagit Valley farmworker youth from Every Row A Path.

5:30 p.m. Welcome/intros, Open mini-resource fair
6:00 p.m. Latino filmmakers panel/Q&A
6:45 p.m. Break
7:00 p.m. Youth intro films
7:10 p.m. Screen youth films
7:30 p.m. Every Row A Path
8:00 p.m. Selena
10:00 p.m. End

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tumblr_o4wq43QAyP1rf9jjpo1_1280Donate Today!
 to support this awesome family event and provide some much needed equipment, to keep bringing quality workshops to LatinX youth in the PNW.  We are gearing up for a Stop-Animation program at South Park Community Center on Saturday, August 20th from 11-7pm with youth who will feature their work at the community screening on September 2nd. Please contact Sabrina Chacon-Barajas at sabrinaechacon [@] gmail.com or by telephone 775.233.0461 by July 20th to pledge your support and amplify LatinX youth voice and representation in mainstream media.
If you are interested in being a sponsor click here to donate today.

Check-out why Reel Grrls Program Manager Stephany Hazelrigg is excited about this event!

Program Manager Stephany, Her mother Jacqueline, and grandmother/abuela Celia on the edge of the Salish Sea in 1978.

As a PNW güera Xicana with Tejana roots living in the Skagit Valley, the 1997 biopic featuring Jennifer Lopez as the bedazzled bustier-busting and corrido-belting Mexican-American-Tejana Selena Quintanilla-Perez gave me, and so many other muxeres y raza en mi vida, well it gave us life.  Not only could Selena sing like a leyenda, but the acting and soundtrack was dramatically on time and on point.  The cultural icon’s tragic murder was still heavy in our hearts and minds and we needed to
see her life and story done justice somehow. J-lo‘s acting was a much needed tribute to Selena’s beautiful voice and vida, both cut short far too soon.  tumblr_lpnoj8ZjBu1qa6i8po1_r1_500The pivotal scene where Abraham Quintanilla (played by the legendary Edward James Olmos) lectured his on-screen daughter on the differences and difficulties of having to be ” more Mexican than the Mexicanos and more American than the Americanos“, (you know, being Xican@) while barreling down the freeway planning her future on a family tour across *Aztlán.  tumblr_lstrs8zMgT1qa6i8po3_250The sweet moment by the sea where Marcela Quintanilla (played by the tremendous and timeless Constance Marie) literally swirled the scene while teaching her on screen hijita how to cumbia and do the “washing machine” with her hips along the shoreline.  It was representation I could relate and aspire to, I hadn’t felt that way since La Bamba, or maybe Mi Familia…and this is a story centered on the courage, love, and creativity of a teenage girl!  with a big family!  and without macho stereotypes, drinking, and domestic violence!  It healed our hearts and blew our minds, I mean what kind of other mundos were possible?


Screen Shot from J-Lo starring Maid In Manhattan.

Recent and persistent media narratives about LatinX youth culture, are often inaccurate and incomplete; full of bias, ignorance, bigotry and violence towards the LatinX community. That is female también. That is also (and all so) mixed. That is neither Mexican nor American.  That is indigenous. That is immigrant. That is all so Black. That is all so Muslim.  That is all so Jewish.  That is all so Queer.  That is Raza.
Reel Grrls works daily to provide grrls and gender non-conforming youth with powerful tools to have their voices heard and amplified in ways that can change our current in mid/main-stream media and culture.  As a young Xicana, Selena did that for me and many others, as a youth advocate, mother, and artivist, Reel Grrls does that today.  I am moved to re.member myself and comunidad through this intersectional lens, institution, and industry.  You don’t have to stay calm, that’s not easy, but you sure as hell can Bidi Bidi Bóm Bóm.
I hope to see you there.  I’ll be in the back with my kiddo singing and dancing the whole way through.
In celebration and solidaridad,
Stephany Koch Hazelrigg
Reel Grrls Program Manager

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