Bad Logic, Bad Design, and Bad Use of Women to Dis

Open letter to the person that “designed” this meme attempting to counter the First Lady of the United States of America’s assertion that sexual assault is BAD. BAD – just like your bad logic, bad design, and bad use of women to dis.

  1. Bad Logic 
    • Your logic is terrible. You cannot equate sexual predatory behavior that is non-consensual to Beyonce (or any other person) having agency of their own body, and celebrating their sexuality on their own terms.
  2. Bad Design
    • Your “meme” design is awful. Really? The font is too small – you need to make the font size “BIGLY”. FYI, the standard meme font is generally IMPACT.  Your choice of color scheme – was your aim a wedding invitation, or a political statement?  Here’s a link to a meme tutorial you can make a meme to apologize to the world for not believing that women can celebrate their own sexuality.
  3. Bad Use of Women to Dis
    • Maybe it’s all the misogyny that consumes you, but you might not comprehend how the First Lady of the United States of America Michelle Obama, and Beyonce a woman known globally by her first name only are both SELFMADE.  They are both powerful influential women who have brains, brawn, looks, and an entrepreneur spirit – despite the rampant racism and misogyny they have faced in their life times – THEY BOTH ARE FABULOUS.  No meme can bring them down EVER.

The Future is Feminist! There is no room in the future for this old thinking, where women’s bodies are used as a weapon to attack, shame and silence women on how we should or shouldn’t use our bodies.

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