Get Reel Active Dec 11 Pratt Park: Young people and allies unite!

What do you get when you combine art and social justice? GET REEL ACTIVE, is part of our commitment to #TheFutureisFeminist. 
Reel Grrls is proud to host Get Reel Active, supported by the City of Seattle’s Arts in the Parks program, and co-sponsored by Washington’s ACLU, and the Vera Project.
Get Reel Active is a call to action to all young people and their allies to mobilize in support of youth voice and to encourage the 2018 youth vote to be the biggest turn out in American history. Come meet other young people inspired to work hard to make America a place where all people feel safe and have a bright future.
Reel Grrls believes that young people play a critical role in our future – and we need to hear their voices.  We will offer a basics workshop on how to amplify your voice through creating media on your phone that can be shared with your networks. Check out the current schedule:
Get Reel Active: Dec 11, 2016 2-5pm | Pratt Park
2:00pm: Welcome, announcements, and activities
2:30pm: Basics of video editing on your phone
3:00pm: ACLU – Workshop
3:30pm: Workshop
4:00pm: Screen 5th Star and other shorts
4:30pm: Q&A
4:45pm: Wrap-up
5pm: Program Ends 
Get Reel Active is an outdoor event that will be located at the Pratt Park covered basketball area. Please dress warmly. We will have hot chocolate, and other goodies.
Reel Grrls will have a workshop on editing on your mobile device, be screening youth work, such as the 5th Star, and hosting a Q&A with filmmakers. In 2010 5th Star was directed by Reel Grrls Naomi Metcalfe, who explored the history of women getting the right to vote in Washington state one hundred years ago. Her journey includes interviews with historians, public officials, and some unexpected help from then Mayor Mike McGinn of Seattle.
Currently we are reaching out to organizations and young leaders that want to speak, and share with others how to get involved in local politics, civil liberities protection, and other issues. Please fill out the form below if you want to be involved!

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