Reel Grrls’ Summer Programs 2017!

Interested in our summer programs? We know there will be something you’ll enjoy! Check it out:

Screen Shot 2017-02-13 at 5.09.12 PMApprenticeship

Want to be learn how to be a leader and understand how video production works? Taught by long time media producer and youth development specialist Reid Kuennen, this program will be 2 parts. Complete part 1, Call the Shots and advance to part 2, the Make it Reel team. This experience will be insightful and of course fun! Become a creator and register today!

Grrl Power: Stop Motion Animation

Show off your creative side in our stop-motion animation workshop! With hands on learning of one of the earliest forms of animation, you’ll the get opportunity to work with teams and use different materials that you can animate! Got the grrl power? Register now!

Call The Shots

All the basics of filmmaking put into one workshop! Work in teams to create powerful stories that YOU want to tell. Learn how awesome filmmaking truly is and register!


Read more about each program here!

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