Snap Series Webisode Workshop! Saturday April 8

Snap Series aims to build Community through Web Series Development

Where: Seattle Grip and Lighting (1050 West Nickerson, Seattle)
When: Saturday April 8, 10 am – 6pm
What: Learn from professional mentors what it takes to craft video content for webisodes
Cost: $30 (Suggested Donation)

Sign-up today!


email: or call 206-375-1132

In the fall of 2016, Camille Adams, a recent graduate of Pacific Lutheran where she led a student-driven TV production crew, came to Reel Grrls with a great idea!  She wanted to bring aspiring high school filmmakers together with Seattle professionals in creative collaboration to produce short web series, at a flexible and voluntary pace; to learn about filmmaking processes, explore areas of creative production, and form mentorship relationships across our community.

Reel Grrls has been exploring what to do with engaging young people and adults post election 2016. One of the main ideas that we are growing is Reel Active, an umbrella brand to house all the community driven projects and activities focused on activism, media, and community building – and most importantly easy ways for people to plug in. The Snap Series is one of these programs, intended to tap into a pre-existing desire amongst Seattle professionals to invest free time in side creative production and also to mentor aspiring filmmakers with a lens of social justice and guiding young people through “alternative facts” by challenging the narrative through creating mobile media.

Snap Series is a creative web series collaboration between professionals and students. We will guide student filmmakers with the framework to analyze, critique, and develop their own narratives using mobile technology in response to mainstream discourses. We will address the question: How can students today resist alternative facts with their own stories and narrative?

Snap Series will provide students with the tools to form their own production crews and use accessible resources to produce thoughtful stories.  Snap Series is supported by volunteers, and partner organizations like the Seattle International Film Festival and Hand Crank Films.

Sign-up today! The program is sliding scale, and will take place at Seattle Grip and Lighting, an exclusive opportunity for those wanting to see what a real studio looks like!

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