Womxn’s Media Crew Appreciation Event

P1000165On January 21st we witnessed history in the making. A day that will long be remembered and looked back upon by future generations. It’s because of Reel Active volunteers, like the Womxn’s Media Crew, that future generations will hear the stories of the Marchers, see the power of compassion, and understand the strength in unity. Volunteers gave those who couldn’t attend a place in the crowd and amplified the voices that were there. As a special thank you, Reel Grrls is hosting a Womxn’s Media Crew Appreciation Open House. We will be screening footage from the Womxn’s March on Seattle and sharing ways to become involved in media activism. Now, more than ever, it’s important for us to continue to document what’s happening in our communities and give a platform to the voices and stories that are waiting to be heard.

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