Brownies Troop 44466 Challenges You!

Brownie Troop 44466 approached Reel Grrls after the 2016 Election, extremely disappointed with the outcome – they wanted to see their first female president, but instead they saw a bully take the highest position of power in the USA.


Last fall Brownie Troop 44466 reached out to let us know that Grrl Power is important. These fierce young leaders ages 7 and 8 years old refused to be helpless, and decided that they wanted to invest in the Future is Feminist by supporting Reel Grrls through hosting a fundraiser for Grrl Power! As part of the experience we invited them to take a workshop on making mobile videos, and interviewing each other on their thoughts to prepare them for taking part in the Tax March on April 15th. 

The day of the march, the Brownies were filled with energy, and excited to march. Armed with a mobile device, and their Tax March Press Passes, they talked to protesters and asked themIMG_5321 why they were there, and what Grrl Power means to them. It was inspiring seeing 7 and 8 year olds civically engaged, passing out leaflets with the words to protest chants the day before Easter! What an honor it is to see young people be involved.  You can have the chance to meet these young activists on May 10th at Pyramid Ales at our first the Future is Feminist event.

Troop 44466 is issuing a challenge to help Reel Grrls raise $10k in pledges before April 30th, to help create a challenge pool to inspire new donors to Give Big on May 10th.  Help us ensure that we can continue to provide medial literacy, leadership opportunities, and video production skills to young feminists. You can show Troop 44466 the power of community by donating or pledging today with a one time gift or a recurring one! All gifts before April 30th goes DIRECTLY to Reel Grrls, which means more money to Grrl Power. 

Donate $50 and get a ticket to the Future is Feminist event on May 10th, or if you can’t make it you can sponsor a young person to attend.

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