Big Fun on GiveBig. Come Meet the Future: Grrl Active!


Proudly introducing our newest leadership team at Reel Grrls: Grrl Active.

On May 10th we are excited to share our GiveBig journey of making new friends with our young feminist leaders at Brownies Troop 44466, to our adult speed mentors, and of course our newly formed members of the Grrl Active leadership team. Our future at Reel Grrls is led by our young people to ensure that our mission supporting young people as they explore, critique and author media through a feminist lens is centered around youth voice.

Reel Grrls believes in young people to lead the Future is Feminist, and is committed to providing assistance to incubate a community space that builds empathy, advocacy and amplification. Come experience it on May 10th at Pyramid Ales! The evening will be filled with food, fun, and inspiring panel dialogue from our Grrl Active members and additionally you will get to meet Troop 44466 who helped us kick-off our GiveBig Pool Challenge – raising over $5k to encourage others to GiveBig!

Donate / Attend the Event

Much gratitude to Troop 44466 and their desire to be philanthropists. Join them to GIVEBIG by donating today! Watch this video to find out more bout why they invest in Reel Grrls!

This community gathering is made possible by the financial support of BECU (thank you to the Queen Anne Branch!) and local Seattle Clothing Designers Prairie Underground.

Thanks to the Seattle Foundation’s GiveBig program we have enjoyed connecting with familiar and new faces to celebrate philanthropy this spring and to recognize our amazing community of young people, their families, volunteers, and our donors that range from individuals, groups, and businesses.

Thank you to our community:


Event Sponsors


GIVEBIG Pool Challenge:

Troop 44466
The Ariel Fund
Rainer Roller Girls
Kate Wallington
The Herschensohn’s
Shannon Halberstadt


Gail Rodgers
Lila Kitaeff
David Keyes
Adrienne Fox
Allison Carney

Speed Mentors:

Kimya Dawson (Writer / Singer)
My Tam H. Nguyen (VP of Business Development, Blokable)
Viv Nicole (Activist, Y-WE), Susie Lee (Former CEO of Siren)
Dr. Cheryl Ingram (CEO / Founder Diverse City)
Lulu Carpenter (Teacher at Seattle Girls’ School)
Lara Davis (Artist, Arts Administrator, Race & Equity Consultant)
Subi Terhanian (CEO of Uncle Harry’s Natural Products)

Additional Thanks:

Amy Allsopp for her GiveBig Postcard Design Skills

William Simeona & Team at Pyramid Ales

Reel Grrls Fund Development Committee:
Allison Carney
Carrie Plank-Shepard
Cristina Friday
Michael Herschensohn
Malory Graham
Jessie Gaupel
Artist Trust and Planned Parenthood for hosting meetings

Board Members:

Michael B. Maine
Malory Graham
Michael Herschensohn
Shannon Halberstadt
Lila Kitaef
Special thanks to Genessa Krasnow for producing the event

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