Womxn’s Creative Industries Meet Up Expanding Advisory Board

As the demand grows for more voices in media arts, WCI aims to fill the void

Since its launch in 2015, the co-founders of the Womxn’s Creative Industries Meet-Up, Amy L. Piñon and Elizabeth Mazé, have seen an increase in those striving to make their voices heard. In response, they are actively seeking to grow their Advisory Board in order to reach a wider audience.

The group is in the planning stages for their next event slated for April of 2018, having already hosted several previous events with a growing turn out. The purpose of these gatherings is to connect those with a desire and determination to use media arts as a means of creative resistance.


“We are looking for womxn who represent all different types of media making, from video and audio production to journalism and graphic design,” Piñon says. “We use ‘womxn’ with an ‘x’ to signify inclusivity of all womxn who identify along the gender identity spectrum, including trans and gender queer womxn, and all intersecting identities.”

The WCI Meet Up is fiscally sponsored by Reel Grrls, who work to address the gap in media arts and education for womxn. According to Executive Director Nancy Chang, what makes WCI different is that it centers around young womxn of color.

“I would like to see WCI continue to build a leadership pipeline, where members and alums are in decision making roles in Seattle and beyond, shifting culture and inspiring feminist work,” shares Chang.

Applications for the Advisory Board are being accepted now through December 20, 2017. New members will be announced in early January of next year.


For more about the Womxn’s Creative Industries Meet Up: http://www.wcimeetup.com

Contact Amy Piñon for more info: amybreathesaudio AT gmail.com




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