Tapestry 360: the Future of Immersive Content Needs YOUth

Washington State is positioning itself as the go to region for content creators in 360 filmmaking. Local 360 Filmmaking pioneer, Kim Voynar, co-founder of WonderTek Labs, a Seattle-based boutique 360/XR content and consulting studio, sees the future of 360 Filmmaking, and the need to invest in the pipelines, that will make our region the hub of immersive storytelling. Kim saw an opportunity from King County’s 4Culture to invest in young 360 filmmakers, and received a grant to fund Tapestry 360.

Tapestry 360 is a week-long 360 filmmaking intensive for high schoolers interested in being the next generation storytellers, and working with Seattle’s emerging startups that are pioneering the way we experience stories through immersive tech. The mission of Tapestry 360 is to empower the youth participants to tell their own stories in 360, and to reduce the barrier to access to story + tech career paths for girls and disadvantaged, underserved youth.

The first half of the camp will be hosted at the University of Washington’s CoMotion MakerSpace, and the second half at the Northwest Film Forum on April 9 – 13. High school aged students are encouraged to sign-up for this unique camp through Reel Grrls.

Voynar said, “360 filmmaking is an emerging creative industry, this is an opportunity to build a culture centered around gender and racial equity. I applied for the grant in hopes of working with Reel Grrls to build their organizational capacity to teach 360 filmmaking to female identified filmmakers, and to provide scholarships for youth of color to be able to participate.”

The University of Washington’s CoMotion MakerSpace is a critical community partner that provides space for the camp, tools like VR headsets, as well as inspiring 360/VR startups like SIXR that can provide the expertise on creating content. CoMotion MakerSpace is a community-focused workshop, and has a wide range of capabilities with sewing machines, VR headsets, woodworking tools, and 3D printers under one roof. In addition, CoMotion incubates local innovation, and is home to startups that are working to solve problems with technology.

Since 2014, Reel Grrls has explored opportunities to expand job readiness programs and create additional tracks outside of traditional filmmaking. These last three years of exploration has resulted in working on creating two tracks: web broadcast / social media track, and now immersive storytelling, thanks to a healthy ecosystem of community partners.

Reel Grrls is thrilled to be part of creating a pipeline for our young filmmakers to start at the ground floor of 360 filmmaking, that is primarily lead by amazing feminist leaders.

Full Scholarships are available for female identifying/gender non-conforming youth of color. We strongly encourage interested youth to apply ASAP.

To sign up, direct students to our 2018 360 Filmmaking Spring Break Day Camp Registration Page.


They may also email our Program Coordinator, Taira Shimbashi, with any questions at programs@reelgrrls.org 

Big Thanks to 4Culture for making the Tapestry 360 program possible!

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