2018 SIFF, Tapestry 360, and YOU!

The Seattle International Film Festival (SIFF) is packed with a ton of great indie films from all over the world! Read more from SIFF about the line-up here.  This year Reel Grrls has student Virtual Reality (VR) work as part of the VR Zone showcasing youth work. You can see work at Pacific Place through June 10th! We are also thrilled to seed the future of VR, and to be part of a greater movement in immersive tech.  Read more at the Seattle PI.

  • 7 Stories for 7 Years, Produced by Al Jazeera, Exec Producer Zahra Rasool (Jordan)
  • Dreaming in Za’atari: Stories After Syria, Produced by Al Jazeera, Exec Producer Zahra Rasool (Jordan)
  • Tapestry 360, produced by Reel Grrls/WonderTek Labs

Most importantly, we want to make sure you can save some money and enjoy the world of film in our backyard.  

Kate Becker (Seattle Film & Music) with Ariana Fiol (Reel Grrls Filmmaker), Richard Fiol, and Taira Shimbashi (Reel Grrls) at the VR Zone Opening

  • For general SIFF tickets, use the promo code: ReelGrrls2018 to get $4 off tickets and pay only $10.
  • For the VR Zone use the promo code: INFLUENCERVR2018 and get $10 off the regular price and only pay $15.

Open from May 19 – June 10 during the following days and times:
Fridays: 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Saturdays: noon – 7:00 PM
Sundays: noon – 7:00 PM
Memorial Day: noon – 7:00 PM



This past spring we partnered with WonderTek Labs, UW Commotion Labs, SIXR, and Northwest Film Forum to produce a week long camp called Tapestry 360, to train young people in 360 filmmaking, that was funded by 4Culture. We are proud to have their work featured at the VR Lounge, and excited for the future of VR where young people are able to take part in this showcase!

Sarah Wilke (SIFF), Alexandria Hennessey (Reel Grrls), Nancy Chang (Reel Grrls)

  • “Are You Yeti for it?” Alexi Hennesssy
  • “Fairy Tale,” Laylay Alameda
  • “BUDE-E,” Luka Allen
  • “The Stranger,” Jocelyn Aynew
  • “Isolation,” Ariana Fiol
  • “Perspective,” Aarushi Sahai
  • “Dreams,” Ayanna Ali






SIFF VR Zone at Pacific Place

Step into the world of virtual reality as the Seattle International Film Festival presents the SIFF VR Zone at Pacific Place, where audiences will explore the best and most compelling virtual reality (VR) and 360 video content from around the world. SIFF will shine a spotlight on some of the best in global immersive and interactive content, curated from top industry film festivals Sundance, SXSW, and Tribeca Film Festival, and from around the world. Guests will have 90 minutes to explore over two dozen experiences in a diverse array of stunning and compelling immersive settings. Selections include pieces by both local and international content creators.   “The content in the VR Zone is spectacular and spans the globe,” said Kim Voynar, CEO of WonderTek Labs and producer of SIFF VR Zone. “There’s an exciting slate of 360 African storytelling from Senegal and Kenya, an immersive documentary Greenland Melting, from “Godmother of VR” Nonny de la Peña, breathtaking pieces from South Korea, China, and Australia, and many other compelling pieces from the US and Seattle.”

Music is also highlighted in the SIFF VR Zone with music legend Billy Corgan of The Smashing Pumpkins in his new immersive VR music video for Aeronaut. And, Seattle power pop icons The Posies kick off their 30th anniversary tour with the World Premiere of their 360 music video for Unlikely Places.

Dr. Evie Powell, CEO of Seattle-based VR start-up Verge of Brilliance, brings a snowball fight into summer with her new interactive two-player VR experience, Epic Snowday Adventure. Join Seattle non-profit dance troupe The Caribi in a 360 dance session dramatizing the mythologies of extinct and endangered cultures through theatrical performance, titled The Caribi: Anubis co-directed by former Seattleite Fred Beahm. Float through an abstract world of breathtaking beauty in Scobot’s piece World One, or up in a hot air balloon ride in Larry James’ Uplift VR – Maiden Voyage.

Read more about the VR Zone.

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