Thanks for GIVING BIG!

We love our Reel Grrls community, and how you GiveBig!

May 9, 2018 marks the last ever GiveBIG, Seattle Foundation annual online giving event to raise funds for Seattle area nonprofit organizations. This year, thanks to corporate support from Uncle Harry’s Natural Products and our board members, we have a match of up to $15,000! Reel Grrls relies on the individual support of donors to keep our doors open! In order for us to be able to provide the high quality programs and ensure that we turn NO GRRL away!

Cascade Middle School Mobile Program

In the past four years Reel Grrls has been busy incubating new programs thanks to YOU. We have successfully launched two new tracks in creating content with mobile devices, and 360 filmmaking has served over 2000 next generation media makers. With the much needed donations from you, we are committed to racial equity and supporting our Black and African-American community members in building a pipeline to help our Black Grrls reach their dreams and tell their stories. Bottom line, Reel Grrls is driven by you, our community, and we are excited to host more community opportunities to connect and co-create together. We want to build a feminist future with you!

Here’s what GiveBig donors have funded:


Launched our mobile device program at Aki Kurose Middle School and expanded services with partners, helping us to serve 150 young people that year. Every Path a Row, a short documentary about life as migrant farmers, created by young women from Mt. Vernon in collaboration with award winning filmmaker Jill Friedberg.

Expanded our going mobile program by increasing our mobile device kits, and being able to partner with a variety of community groups like libraries, parks department, and schools to increase our ability to serve over 400 young people that year. Relaunched our Apprenticeship program and created in house content to inspire young people to be civically engaged.


Served over 500 young people through various program partnerships thanks to the investments made of in our mobile device kits. Fully rebooted our flagship program the Apprenticeship program, where filmmakers created three short videos for local non-profit clients: Young Women Empowered, Rain City Rock Camp for Girls, and Planned Parenthood.


#BlvckGrrlsMagic (the “v” signifies subverting mainstream negative stereotypes of Black & African American Grrls), an identify based group for Black and African-American media makers. Reel Grrls this past spring was able to launch our 360 filmmaking track, and we need your support to continue to get more youth involved in the future of content creations!

Tapestry 360 Camp

These past four years GiveBig donors have played a critical role in rebuilding Reel Grrls to continue to be reflective and intentional about the changing media landscape, as well as the complicated socio-political environment of fake news. Reel Grrls is committed in centering youth in programs that supports them to explore, critique and author media through a feminist lens. In order for the future to be feminist our community took action!



Thanks to the following for investing in Grrls!

Cherry  Johnson

Patricia Tempinski

Sarah   Crowe

Becky Sayers

Paul Laughlin of Totem Star

The Becker/Compton Family (Kate Becker, Michael Compton, Trinaty Compton)

Amy Piñon

Beth Warshaw

Shannon Halberstadt

Tara Peters

Monique Courcy

Claudia Bach

Cass Nevada

Chad & Tina Urso McDaniel

Christopher and Alida Latham

A Fox

Christopher Newell

Jennifer Stuller


Kate Tibone

Jamila Coleman

Angela Castaneda

Zach Frimmel


Ana Deboo

David Keyes

Laura Rattner and Raymond Timm

April McCoy

Courtney Sheehan

Lara Davis

The Seattle Globalist

Lila Kitaeff

Elliat Creative LLC

SarahGr eenleaf

Julia Levy

Elizabeth Maze


Timothy Harbert

Jennifer Geist, Zeitgeist Creations

Colleen OBrien

Jennifer King

Katarina Shih

Emily Dennis

Maris Antolin

Carrie Siahpush

Molly Michal

Jane Tyrrell

Eister-Hargrave Family

Cristina Friday


Maria  Mckinley

Camilo Moreno-Salamanca

Sarah   MacDonald

Maryanne deGoede

Heather Carawan


Jody Joldersma

Kathryn Beers

Talia Wright

Scott Stark

Jayme Yen

Christine Chang

Emily Guillen

Danielle Baer

Betty Lin

Margaret Cummings


Louise  Pathe

Mark and Carla Ainsworth

Melissa A Hensley

A. Powter

Caroline Colon


Ethan and Mackenzie Treber

Carrie Plank-Shepard

Kate Wallington

Michael & Julie Herschenson

Chris Thompson

Lucas Jushinski

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