About Reel Grrls

Founded in 2001, Reel Grrls was the first media arts center in the United States focused on training girls in media production through hands-on workshops and classes taught by feminist media professionals and educators.

Reel Grrls equips and empowers girls ages 11 to 21 to engage critically and creatively with digital media to create positive social change. Reel Grrls also provides media literacy training to help grrls, gender non-conforming youth, and male allies from diverse communities interpret and respond to the flood of gendered and racialized images and messages young people encounter in our media saturated world.Lights Camera

Reel Grrls serves youth of all economic means, with 85% of students receiving Reel Grrls scholarships in 2015.  Since 2001, over 1000 students have participated in Reel Grrls programs and Reel Grrls media have been honored in more than 90 film festivals globally. Reel Grrls is a 501c(3) non-profit organization located within the Youngstown Cultural Arts Center in West Seattle.  Since 2015 Reel Grrls Programs have “gone mobile” and in addition to our regular in-house programs and apprenticeships, we bring our programs directly to grrls, youth, and their communities.