Immersive Tech

The Reel Grrls’ Immersive Tech program track launched in the spring of 2018 in partnership with WonderTek Labs, UW Commotion Labs, SIXR, and Northwest Film Forum to produce a week long camp called Tapestry 360, to train young people in 360 filmmaking, that was funded by 4Culture. We are proud to have the Tapestry 360 content showcased at the 2018 Seattle International Film Festival’s SIFF VR Zone.

  • “Are You Yeti for it?” Alexi Hennesssy
  • “Fairy Tale,” Laylay Alameda
  • “BUDE-E,” Luka Allen
  • “The Stranger,” Jocelyn Aynew
  • “Isolation,” Ariana Fiol
  • “Perspective,” Aarushi Sahai
  • “Dreams,” Ayanna Ali

What is Immersive Tech and why is important to Reel Grrls?

Immersive Technology is where the digital (simulated world) and our physical world blurs. Examples of immersive tech are: virtual reality, 180 and 360 Filmmaking, augmented reality, and mixed reality. Reel Grrls believes that this is a new frontier in examining how we can co-create the future of education, culture, and economic opportunities with young people.


In 2018, Reel Grrls and Arts Corps teamed up to dream up of new possibilities through the Learning Immersive Tech (LIT) initiative, which centers around youth of color to cultivate the ecosystem and pipeline of local youth, Virtual Reality startups, and other stakeholders to invest in the talent needed to have a thriving creative sector who will have the skills and expertise to drive innovation in immersive tech content creation.

Reel Grrls and Arts Corps believes in co-creating the future with young people. As new technologies and new ways of living are introduced, young people are quick to adapt, learn, and evolve how societies incorporate new technologies. Through partnership with the Highline School District, we will take over a 21,000 square foot studio, called ZooBreak Productions, and provide pre-professional training in filmmaking, augmented and virtual reality, audio engineering, and mixed media creation/coding. The space is pre- fitted with production flats, that can be moved to create multiple filming locations, and a green screen for mixed reality. There is also a space for laptops and a mobile sound studio, that can be used for audio engineering, AR/VR, and content creation. The students would work on a project together, learning the skills needed for careers in the arts, technology, and engineering, while collaborating and learning more about the world, in which we live.

Our vision is to pilot a collaboration with the private sector and public agencies to center the future of Immersive Technology through the lens of young people. For the 2018-19 school year, we propose creating an enrichment program in South Seattle serving young people ages 13 – 19 interested in writing the future with adult counterparts in to craft the future curriculum for Mixed Media Content Creation and Curation.

Reel Grrls and Arts Corps are positioned to be able to bring together our collective ecosystem that can provide their areas of expertise in a variety of skills and resources.