I’m constantly striving to see clearer so I can paint intuitively as possible. I’m a COLORIST foremost. Without color why paint? Everyday as an artist I wrestle with what is my truth in my work. I question everything I see, hear, and feel fluidly while I’m creating. What drives me to create is simple…because I have to. I paint and create to fulfill my destiny. My love of color is present in every piece of my art. My intention is to show color in its truest form, never letting colors get muddy. My subjects and concepts are always compelling me to tell the story that resides innately, I’m a storyteller innately..an evolving creation seeking to accurately reflect myself, my environment and the stories I paint. My process is simple, I usually know what I’m going to paint before I start, either I sketch on my digital pad or I sketch directly onto the canvas. How I feel about the subject lends to the choosing of the colors on the palette.