Emma Rockenbeck is a 2017 Summer Intern. She loves swing and social dance, Renaissance fairs, hiking, and modern myth/urban fantasy fiction. She is twenty-three years old, and is a student at Allegheny College in Meadville PA. She is currently finishing a degree in Communication Arts with an Emphasis in Video Production, with a double minor in Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies and Chinese Language. She considers herself a story teller in multiple artistic mediums, and believes that sharing our stories in an open and authentic way can bring communities together and create lasting social change.

Emma is a Seattle area native, and is passionate about promoting youth leadership and intersectional, inclusive women’s and queer empowerment in the Seattle arts community. During high school, she was heavily involved in Unitarian Universalist youth leadership. She attended the 2011 Goldmine Leadership School and served on the Pacific North-West District Youth Empowerment Services Team. She also was a camp counselor at Summer Winds Camp in Issaquah. After she graduated from Seattle Waldorf High School, she participated in the 2014 Thinking Beyond Borders Global Gap Year program, in which she traveled to six different countries and learned about aspects of international development including human’s interaction with the environment, education, agriculture, and health care. Currently, she is “DJ Morrigan” for Powerful Metal, the symphonic and power metal station on W.A.R.C. 90.3 FM Meadville student-run radio.

Emma is excited to be a part of the Reel Grrls community this summer. She looks forward to returning full-time to the Seattle area to pursue a career in independent film making.