Julia Levy is new to the Reel Grrls board but not to Reel Grrls, sheparticipated in her first Reel Grrls program, RGTV, almost 10 years ago. After this, she completed many Reel Grrls programs including the Apprenticeship Program, the Thesis Program, and worked for RG Pro. Reel Grrls has provided Julia with the opportunity to produce media, mentor, and teach, a favorite moment was creating the “Dear Comcast” video that raised over $25,000 from small donations. During her time with Reel Grrls, Julia has worn many hats, that of a participant, a mentor, an intern. She was able to travel with Reel Grrls, attending the Allied Media Conference in Detroit, The Seoul International Youth Film Festival in South Korea, and coordinating a pop up in Nairobi, Kenya called GRT. Julia is excited to give back to the organization that has done so much for her, not only because of the experiences above, but because of the mentorship and community she found along the way.