15823662_10202611652009133_755631502299134303_nNatalie is an aspiring animator and director from Seattle, Washington. She is the outreach intern at Reel Grrls. Studying stop-motion animation, Natalie hopes to bring stop-motion animation back to life and to inspire others that stop-motion is one of the earliest and coolest forms of animation. She will be getting her masters degree in animation in the future and is finishing up her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Photomedia at the University of Washington.

Natalie is passionate about empowering women that being an animator in a male dominant industry is possible and shouldn’t hold women back from following their passion.

Other than animation and empowerment, Natalie enjoys listening to music, knitting/crocheting, crafting the perfect espresso drink, and dreaming about the day that she will adopt two kittens.