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What makes Reel Grrls programs ROCK?

Reel Grrls is about more than making movies, our programs offer access to a fun and inclusive community, supportive mentors, media literacy, and more! In each program our skilled Reel Grrls teaching artists work to establish clear goals, create a safe learning space, teach technical skills, and foster creativity and collaboration. When you sign-up for Reel Grrls, you will gain creative opportunities in:

  • Media Literacy:  What kinds of messages does the media send? Watch videos – and apply critical thinking skills to discuss them from multiple lenses, from technical to societal.
  • Storytelling: Connect with what inspires you, intrigues you, and informs you. Use your creative voice and vision to tell a story to be shared with others.
  • Media Making: Make a video that you can upload and share with your friends, family, and the world!
  • An inclusive feminist community: Build relationships with new friends and mentors that appreciate and center your unique vision and voice!
  • Media Justice: [how to use media as a tool for social change and empowerment] How can the media be used to promote social change? Connect with media as a tool for social change and empowerment!

Check out past videos made by Reel Grrls participants here.

Reel Grrls Programs by Ages Served

Reel Grrls mainly serves tween and teen grrls. We offer both in and after school programming, day-long weekend workshops, summer camps and extended residencies providing multiple opportunities for youth to engage and develop skills over time.  We also offer adult programs and community events & education programs throughout the year.

  • TWEEN PROGRAMS (generally ages 9-13)
  • TEEN PROGRAMS (generally ages 13-19)
  • ADULT PROGRAMS (generally ages 18+)
  • COMMUNITY EVENTS & EDUCATION (generally all ages)

Who can enROLL?

In alignment with our commitment to address gender inequality and inequity in media, our in-house Reel Grrls programs and Reel Grrls Pro (our grrl-run production services for non-profits) specifically provide opportunities for youth who self-identify as young women, females, grrls and gender non-conforming youth who feel comfortable learning in an environment with peers who similarly identify. However, our Mobile Programs and Partnership Programs are adapted and designed to meet the goals, learning outcomes, and accessibility needs of our community partners and are often all-gender inclusive programs.

Reel Grrls’ commitment to inclusivity

Reel Grrls is committed to providing an inclusive space for everyone to feel safe, welcome, and have fun, while taking creative risks and challenging themselves to think critically when they are in program and work in partnership with our teaching artist, youth and community to create an intentional and all-hands-on-deck learning community that centers grrls and youth success in our programs and beyond.  As feminists in media working toward a world where gender or gender expression does not determine an individual’s opportunities, we acknowledge that can only truly happen when people of all genders work and collaborate together. We encourage male allies to get involved and support our work with the expectation that they fully respect the roots and purpose of Reel Grrls as an organization and why grrl-focused media is an asset to the world.

Reel Grrls has something for everyone, if you think that you would have fun learning in a Reel Grrls program – you should sign-up or work with us to design and fund a program just for you/your community.


The Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, our current home-base in West Seattle where we run in-house programs is fully ADA accessible, including ramps and elevators for people with mobility needs.  We also have the capacity to “go mobile” and bring our programs to you and your community!

Reel Grrls program models vary in structure, duration, and cost to best meet the needs of the youth and communities we serve and most often culminate in a media screening and community celebration.

We welcome questions, conversations, and suggestions about how our programs and space can be more accessible for all. If you would like to discuss the accessibility of our space, programs, or equipment please contact us at info@reelgrrls.org and we will do our best to expand our capacity to accommodate your needs.

 20151101_134101What do Reel Grrls programs cost?

Costs vary per program.

Tech is expensive, we are doing our part to bridge that gap and make it accessible. Our programs require expensive equipment and technology and a staff of skilled teaching artists and people to plan and teach classes.

We know that not all families can pay the full price and encourage youth and families to let us know and pay what they can. No grrl will be turned away for lack of funds. Thankfully we have a lot of caring and generous people and organizations that want anyone to be a Reel Grrl – so they donate money to help reduce the costs of the programs.

All program fees and deposits are nonrefundable and nontransferable.

For bookings and inquiries please contact Program Coordinator, Taira Shimbashi, programs@reelgrrls.org