Classic RG Programs


What’s Your Story? Series: (Grades 5+)8186083763_0ed64f6e45_o

  • VLOGGING 1.0: (3hr minimum) Video + Blogging = Vlogging. Learn the basics of how to get started in the world of vlogging. This hands-on workshop will teach you everything from how to set up camera shots, sound, basic editing, while supporting you in finding and speaking your story, to where and how to post your vlogs and amplify it.
  • ANIMATION 1.0: (4hr minimum) Stop motion animation + smart phones = endless hours of fun. Come get the basics of using your imagination and some simple props and technology to make your stories come to life.
  • Social Media Skills: (1hr minimum) Mastering micro story telling, publishing and promoting your own work.
  • Media Literacy, Media Justice, & More!!

Lights! Camera! Action! (Grades 5+)

Call the shots and learn the ropes of filmmaking in small production teams that will seek out and tell stories within your community that call you to ACTION! From storyboarding, scriptwriting, team work, acting/directing, using a camera, editing & media literacy.



Calling The Shots (Grades 7+) This hands-on video production workshop provides up to 20 grrls with a creative storytelling opportunity building skills and focus through intensive workshops and one-on-one sessions with mentors, including professional filmmakers and teaching artists. The program includes:

-Pre-Production and Storyboarding and Pre-Productio
-DSLR Cinematography
-Advanced Audio Production
-Editing and Post Production


Apprenticeship Program (Grades 9+)
The Reel Grrls Summer Apprenticeship Program is a unique 2-part program that offers advanced video production and leadership training to experienced youth media makers.  Grrls will get more experience with:

  • Media Literacy and what makes high quality and engaging media
  • Media Justice and how to use media as a tool for social change and empowerment
  • Digital Storytellers and how to use advanced tools to amplify their voice