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is currently booking in-house, partnership, and mobile programs for 2016.  Stay tuned here for updates.

What makes Reel Grrls programs rock?

Reel Grrls helps GRRLS make media and magic through: a fun and inclusive community, media literacy, storytelling, and making media. In each program our skilled Reel Grrls teaching artists work to establish clear goals, create a safe & brave learning space, teach technical skills, and foster creativity and collaboration. When you sign-up for Reel Grrls you will connect with creative opportunities in:

  • Media Literacy: [what makes high quality and engaging media] Watch videos – and discuss them from multiple lenses from technical to societal.
  • Storytelling: Connect with what inspires you, intrigues you, and informs you and in your creative voice and vision tell a story to be shared with others.
  • Media Making: Make a video that you can upload and share with your friends, family, and the world!!
  • An inclusive feminist community: Build relationships with new friends and mentors that appreciate and center your unique vision and voice!
  • Media Justice: [how to use media as a tool for social change and empowerment] Connect with media as a tool for social change and empowerment!

Tune in to this little bit of grrr-centered media justice in action right here!

Reel Grrls Intro-to-Advanced Media-Making Programs

Our programs work best with middle and high school aged students and offers both in and after school programming, day-long weekend workshops, summer camps and extended residencies providing multiple opportunities for youth to engage and develop skills over time.

What’s Your Story? Series: (Grades 5+)
This is a series of short workshops meant to give young people an introduction and opportunity to engage in hands on experience in a variety of media-making processes, connect to their own experiences and creative voice. Reel Grrls will provide iPod touches with editing apps for youth to get a sense of how easy it is to produce media. We present concepts and tools to young media makers as well as time to lead and collaborate with others while practicing the following:

  • VLOGGING 1.0: (3hr min) Video + Blogging = Vlogging. Learn the basics of how to get started in the world of vlogging. Through hands-on workshops with awesome media makers and teaching artists you will learn everything from how to set up easy camera shots, basic editing, finding your voice, and where and how to post your vlogs and amplify it.
  • ANIMATION 1.0: (3hr min) Stop motion animation + smart phones = endless hours of fun. Come get the basics of using your imagination and some simple props and technology to make your stories come to life.
  • Social Media Skills: (1-2hrs) Mastering micro story telling, publishing and promoting your own work.
  • & More

Media 1.0: Lights, Camera, Reel Grrls! (Grades 7+)
An extended series of courses to where you will work within a group of your peers with professional filmmakers to apply your media literacy and creative vision and storytelling while learning technical skills to next level your craft. Programs range from 4-5 day camps to extended in/after-school residencies and can be in-house Reel Grrls Programs and Partnership Programs and cover the basics in.

  • media literacy
  • using DSLR cameras
  • recording audio
  • setting up lights
  • story development and storyboarding
  • collaboration and teamwork
  • editing & effects
  • post-production

Media 2.0: Apprenticeship Program (Grades 9+)
A community-focused program where intermediate level grrls, (ideally graduates of Lights, Camera, Reel Grrls!) apply to get more serious about media literacy [what makes high quality and engaging media] media justice [how to use media as a tool for social change and empowerment] and of course, becoming a skilled and stylistic filmmaker. Grrls selected for this program will work to build relationships with professional teaching artists and local organizations, non-profits, and artists, working in partnership productions that showcase their work in their community while developing youth’s skills in media. Programs generally meet an average of once per week over a period of 3-4 months. Courses usually run 6 hours per day and include:

  • What’s The Story
  • Pre-Production
  • DSLR 2.0
  • Lighting 2.
  • Audio 2.0
  • Editing & Effects 2.0
  • Post-Production 2.0
  • & More…

Custom Workshops: (Grades 5+)8186083763_0ed64f6e45_o
Focused and inspired workshops from Reel Grrls creative and collaborative teaching artists ranging from auto-biographical animation, social justice vlogs and documentaries, to self and peer produced music & poetry videos available in abbreviated and extended mobile and in-house programs.

Who can enroll?

In alignment with our commitment to address gender inequality and inequity in media, our in-house Reel Grrls programs and Reel Grrls Pro specifically provide opportunities for youth who self-identify as young women, females, grrls and gender non-conforming youth who feel comfortable learning in an environment with peers who similarly identify. While Reel Grrls programs and Reel Grrls Pro centers grrls and women’s empowerment in media, our Mobile Programs and Partnership Programs are adapted and designed to meet the goals, learning outcomes and accessibility needs of our community partners and are often all-gender inclusive programs.  Check out Reel Grrls Alumni, Summer Rosemary Matthews and crew’s short film on the subject: 

Reel Grrls is committed to providing an inclusive space for EVERYBODY to feel safe, welcome, and have fun, while taking creative risks and challenging themselves to think critically when they are in program and work in partnership with our teaching artist, youth and community to create an intentional and all-hands-on-deck learning community that centers grrls and youth success in our programs and beyond.  As feminists in media working toward a world where gender or gender expression does not determine an individual’s opportunities, we acknowledge that can only truly happen when people of all genders work and collaborate together. We encourage male allies to get involved and support our work with the expectation that they fully respect the roots and purpose of Reel Grrls as an organization and why grrl-focused media is an asset to the world.

Reel Grrls has something for everyone, if you think that you would have fun learning in a Reel Grrls program – you should sign-up or work with us to design and fund a program just for you/your community.

RGP_logo_detail-2REEL GRRLS PRO is an opportunity for those grrls that have met the requirements of the Reel Grrls Pro coordinator to be part of the RGPro crew – where youth get paid opportunities to work with clients under the mentorship of professionals in film making.

A few examples of our recent partnerships and links to their videos:

Professional Development Trainings8187135584_a172403632_o

Reel Grrls also provides learning and professional development opportunities in media literacy, justice, and education for our own Teaching Artists and Mentors as well as other youth serving organizations and educators sharing skills and best practices in creative grrl-centered media making as well as media literacy and media justice.   Stay tuned for 2016 updates.


The Youngstown Cultural Arts Center, our current home-base in West Seattle where we run in-house programs is fully ADA accessible, including ramps and elevators for people with mobility needs.  We also have the capacity to “go mobile” and bring our programs to you and your community!

Reel Grrls program models vary in structure, duration, and cost to best meet the needs of the youth and communities we serve and most often culminate in a media screening and community celebration.

We welcome questions, conversations, and suggestions about how our programs and space can be more accessible for all. If you would like to discuss the accessibility of our space, programs, or equipment please contact us at and we will do our best to expand our capacity to accommodate your needs.

 20151101_134101What does it cost?

Costs vary per program.

Tech is expensive, we are doing our part to bridge that gap and make it accessible.  Our programs require expensive equipment and technology and a staff of skilled teaching artists and people to plan and teach classes.

We know that not all families can pay the full price and encourage youth and families to let us know and pay what they can. No grrl will be turned away for lack of funds. Thankfully we have a lot of caring and generous people and organizations that want anyone to be a Reel Grrl – so they donate money to help reduce the costs of the programs.

All program fees and deposits are nonrefundable and nontransferable.

For bookings and inquiries please contact Program Manager, Stephany Hazelrigg, shazelrigg[@]